Recognizing human trafficking

It’s Not Knowing the Signs – It’s Knowing the Story. Chances are there’s going to be nothing visible, nothing that you can see from across the room, or even from up close, that should alert you that a stranger is being trafficked.


ITVAP works with services providers across the state to provide case coordination of comprehensive services to victims (24 and under) of trafficking or sexual exploitation.

Stop Human Trafficking – available training

Theses trainings have been created in consultation with subject matter experts and advocates. They are free of charge and continuing education credits are offered for some trainings

human trafficking statistics

Learn more about human trafficking in Indiana by browsing the hotline statistics, resources, and local events listings below.

Child Abuse and Neglect

If you believe a child you know is being abused, seek immediate help for that child. Children who are abused don’t always realize they’re not to blame for the behaviors of their parents or other authority figures. They may attempt to hide some of the evidence of the abuse.

indiana Service directory

The organizations are invaluable resources. Many offer 24-hour crisis hotlines, on-going advocacy, as well ad information on legal advocacy or community outreach. The service directory also includes hospitals with specially trained healthcare providers who can provide a  Medical Forensic Exam (Sexual Assault Exam/Rape Kit).